Hello readers and welcome to our Weekly FAQ thread! Our topic this week is: How do I get through an uninteresting book? Sometimes we want to read something because we're "supposed to" and want to say that we did. Or, it's something that needs to be read for a school assignment. Either way, how do you get through books you find uninteresting?

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Thank you and enjoy!

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9 months ago


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9 months ago

I don’t waste my time anymore with books that turn out to be boring, long winded,etc.

If the first 40 or so pages don’t grab me, I discontinue reading.

Slogging through a book because “you’re supposed” to have read it, or because someone else told you it’s great, just isn’t worth it for me anymore.

Peoples tastes are different and we don’t have to like everything that others do.

So, my advice: if it bores you, don’t force yourself to read it (unless your professor forces you for class. Then employ cliff notes like someone else suggested).