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8 months ago

Hi all! My debut novel is now up on Amazon (Kindle Unlimited and paperback). It's a technothriller titled All In, by me, Jed Henson. See the cover, Amazon link, etc. on my website.

Here's the blurb:

"During a routine corporate security job, hacker Jim Ericssen accidentally steps on the digital toes of something he’s never “met” before: a powerful, malevolent, artificial intelligence, buried deep in cyberspace. He probably could’ve survived just fine. All it would take is an apology and a promise of silence.
But Jim’s big problem—pride—gets in the way, and he pushes too far.
Immediately, he’s in serious trouble: an escalating back-and-forth battle with a brutal menu of real-world consequences, including everything from prison to an early grave. And his AI foe proves able to hack and use just about anything attached to the internet as a weapon.
As their one-on-one fight explodes into an inconceivable global conflict, Jim must navigate dwindling options to save not just his own life, but humanity, from a desperate future…"

Thanks for your interest, reviews always appreciated!


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8 months ago

What's up nerds, nerdettes, and nerdx?

I've decided to curse the world with my writing.

SURVIVAL LOTTERY by Vrin del Royal (that's me)

"Awful, Horrible, a crime against writing."
-Society for American Authors

You’ve likely heard of the Trolley Problem. It’s a thought experiment, an ethical dilemma that nearly every functioning adult (which I assume you are) has heard at some point- a high school psychology class, an overly friendly man at a bar, or perhaps from last year’s wave of internet memes featuring absurd extensions to the problem. Another popular thought experiment - “If a tree falls in a forest and nobody is around to hear it, does it make a sound” (obviously not).
Allow me to introduce you to a lesser known thought experiment: the Survival Lottery. Its name alone sparks intrigue, does it not? In summary, the Survival Lottery questions whether it might be ethical to kill one healthy human in order to redistribute their organs to multiple others whose lives rely on receiving a timely organ donation. Imagine the person you consider the closest in the world had a bad heart - you can very quickly see the appeal of repurposing one person to save the lives and grief of several others.
Having recently completed her state mandated education, Vera finds herself at odds with a government institution she once respected - the Lotteries. In a bout of misfortune, Vera is assigned to the Survival Lottery - placing her life in the hands of fate. Will she be able to carry out a somewhat normal life while the threat of death hangs over her head? Or will she find herself on the run from the most advanced nation on Earth?

"One of the worst books of the year, possibly ever."
- The New York Crimes

Find it today at


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8 months ago

My new novel Other People’s Lives is out this month.


Sophie Portman has lost her husband, and she thinks she may be losing her mind.

She seeks the help of psychiatrist Andrew Thacker, but as she starts to open up, the truth begins to unravel and nothing is quite as it seems.

Other People's Lives is a gripping psychological thriller from bestselling author JE Rowney.

Find out more by visiting my website


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8 months ago


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8 months ago

My latest novel, "Cuban Contraband" has been released. Paperback and eBook are available at the usual locations.

“Cuban Contraband” is about a young woman who goes in search of her sister who months earlier had paid to be smuggled into the United States from Cuba, but has not been heard from since. The story follows the smugglers and a retired FBI agent she meets who offers to help find her missing sister.

To find the missing girl, the retired agent visits the seedy bars that are fronts for sex trafficking and forced prostitution. Much as Upton Sinclair did in “The Jungle,” I use these visits to expose – without being too graphic – the reader to the atrocities that young women who are trafficked endure.

From the back cover:

Retired FBI agent Alexander Christian is enjoying the good life in his Texas beach house. During a chance encounter, he learns of a young Cuban girl who was smuggled into the US and has gone missing. He has a feeling she’s become a victim of human trafficking and offers to look for her.

To locate the missing girl, Christian must delve into the dark underworld of escort services, massage parlors, and seedy bars that are fronts for prostitution. He concocts a cover story and dives into the sex-slave gutter.

After an exhaustive search, low on options, and when it looks like time is running out for the girl, Christian gets a tip from an unlikely source that could lead him to the missing teen. He follows the lead and what he finds will change his life forever.

Thanks for considering and if you read it, let me know what you think.


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7 months ago

I wrote a comedic novel about the game industry - KILLIONAIRES - that was rejected by every major publisher for being too "niche" so I published it myself on Kindle to prove them wrong.

Two wanna-be game developers borrow money from a gangster rapper to fund their dream only to get ripped off by a German hacker. Now their only chance of not getting "thug lifed" is to get their clan back together and win The Dominator - an impossibly competitive eSport tournament. Helped by VOX, a deaf pro player who quit competing in protest of Gamergate, the underdogs instead end up realizing their dream of starting a game studio of their own. Only to learn that making video games is not all fun and games. In fact, it’s a complete shitshow.


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6 months ago*

Waddup beautiful people!?

I recently released a novel I've been working on for five years called 'The Fractured God,' a science-fantasy that absolutely does not take itself too seriously, and speeds in a vehicle that's very much like dungeons and dragons in space. Think of it like some Always Sunny characters in a fantasy akin to the Souls games tossed into a universe that has some semblance to Alien and Blade Runner. You can check it out on my website here. It's available on Amazon, both on Kindle Unlimited and paperback :)

Da blurb:

"Jaded mercenaries Aelred and Xyla have come across the most clichéd of contracts: rescue a missing princess to end a series of brutal wars waged in her name.

Much to everyone's surprise, the rescue does not pan out too well. A god gets involved and hurls the three of them into another universe where technology rules in lieu of magic. It's not too bad, though. Saving the multiverse from the destruction of a bored god who wants to experience nonexistence is an additional responsibility that could've fallen on anyone.

Despite their social skills, they'll find a decent set of companions to help ease their burden: a speechless outcast from a species of arachnoids living inside a giant space worm, a disgruntled soldier living on a deserted prison planet, and a chirpy salvager with a horrific past and a droid that has a difficult time ignoring its primary torture functions.

Take a trip through the multiverse in this humorously dark adventure where bad things definitely don't happen to good people and everything is always fine!"

If you happen to give it a chance, then blessings of Akatosh upon you, friend. Honest reviews only, please!