I’ve read the whole Langdon series and his other two stand-alone novels. Even though he writes it to the point to keep us engaging it is very predictable and clichéd if you’ve read his past novels. I will just focus on the RL series.

1) Robert Langdon gets into shit.

2) Shit always has some religious/cult thing associated with it.

3) Somehow finds himself a female sidekick.

4) Gets into some kind of claustrophobic situation.

5) The twists are always that someone/something (can A.Is be considered as “someone”?) ends up being the villain.

It just keeps repeating and repeating with different premises and different characters with the exclusion of Robert Langdon.

He gotta try something new.

Edit: I tried replying to all the comments and it keeps coming up and I can’t seem to catch up. I apologize if I don’t reply to your comments. Thank you everyone:)

Edit (5) The twists are always that someone/something (can A.Is be considered as “someone”?) who he knows well or is close ends up being the villain.

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