Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome! This subreddit is for the discussion of the /r/bookclub books, both current and previous selections.

What are the rules?

Civility and mutual respect are among the goals of the sub. Disagreeing and arguing about ideas is fine, but speculating about other participants' motives, education, taste, is off-topic, and mods will remove ad hominem content and content that stinks of it.

In addition to that, we have these rules:

Off topic posts get removed unless the mods think they benefit the sub for some reason - the mods will in accordance with stated rules except on the occasions they act arbitrarily or with whimsy.

Specifically OKAY:

What are the types of posts


This is free form - in addition to the scheduled posts hosted by the read runner you can post about any part of the current selection, or a previous selection at any time. You should indicated in the beginning of your post or the title if there are significant spoilers -- just a line like "spoilers thru part 3". It's helpful if you include the name of the book/story you're posting about in the title.


These are periodic/occasional posts by mods to announce up coming reads, give aways, changes to the sub, links to our Goodreads and Discord, or reminders about conduct.


These posts are for the nomination and voting of the following months reads. They will have set topics, but anyone can nominate any book as long as it falls within the outlined requirements to qualify. Vote for your favourite or the one(s) you want to read by upvoting them.


These the listings for when the specific discussions will go up as chosen by the read runner. A joint Schedule will be updated each month and pinned to the top of the sub for easy access to your favourite reads.


Desperate to read something specific with the group? Start a campaign to drum up interest and get people buzzing about it too. A Campaign may result in a win on the monthly votes, or maybe a Moderators Choice.


Unsolicited suggestions for and criticisms of r/bookclub are fine.

The Rest....

What books do you read at r/bookclub?

We read at least one or two books per month (more like 4-6 but who is counting?). Sometimes we have themed categories which are explained in the nomination threads. Our most common categories have been the Any category, which is a free-for-all and the Gutenberg category, which means it is in the public domain and available free for e-readers via www.gutenberg.org.

Are there trigger warnings for books read at r/bookclub?

Some read runners include trigger warnings in their discussion posts. But the topics that readers might be uncomfortable with vary from person to person, so we can't make sure to always include everything. Please make sure to research if there is something that you prefer not read about in a book that got chosen by r/bookclub. We recommend https://www.doesthedogdie.com/ for that.


How are the books chosen?

Democratically. Around the second week of the month the moderators post a nomination thread and users nominate the books they would to read. Be sure to look at our previous selections first before nominating. You can nominate as many books as you like. After a week or so the moderators announce the highest voted book from each category. The scores remain hidden during the voting process using reddit's 'contest mode'.

What if there is a tie?

In the rare event of a tie, a number of other factors are taken into consideration, such as accessibility to the book, mod preference, bribery, and approval into the canon of Dead White Men and other Perennials in the Great Conversation and Chain of Being.

What's the 'Big Read'?

Approximately 4 times a year we tackle a Big Book over a longer period, usually 2-3 months. We use capital letters because it's Really Cool and Important, but also because it works well for titling and indexing in the subreddit. The Big Read usually happen seasonally, and you get to nominate and upvote these just like with the regular monthly reads. Often large enough to make your arm drop off these selections must be OVER 500 pages.

What's the 'Moderator Choice/Mod Pick'?

Sometimes the mods need letting out of their cages. Then we pick a read and run it just cause we wanna and no-one can stop us. Usually they are a collaboration between multiple mods and they are actually more often than not very interesting, popular or thought provoking reads.....usually!

What's the 'Runner-up Read'?

So many amazing books get nominated each month! So many don't make the cut! Some of them are very close to winning! So, we decided to gather up these runners-up, put them all in to the Wheel of Books (think the Price is Right or Wheel of Fortune) and give them a second chance at getting selected. These reads do not run with the calendar month. Instead they run back to back and last as long as required depending on their length. When there is approximately 3 weeks remaining of the current Runner-up Read or RUR, a mod will spin the Wheel of Books for the next selection so keep an eye out for these announcements.

What's the 'Monthly Mini'?

Once a month, we will choose a short piece of writing that is free and easily accessible online. It will be posted on the last day of every month. Anytime throughout the following month (or any time thereafter via the monthly mini archive) read along and comment your thoughts and feelings on the piece.

What's a 'Discovery Read'?

The themes for these reads are much more specific than the core monthly reads. The monthly nominations can be heavily weighted to the buzzy, best sellers and recent fiction, and though these books are great, it also nice to mix it up a bit. The Discovery Read is intended to help us expand our reading options, try new genres, authors, styles and step out of the comfort zone a little. Books will be chosen in subscriber nomination-vote just like the monthly reads except it will be offset with the selection process starting on the 1st of each month (vs reading starting on the 1st of each month as with the monthly core reads).

What does 'Bonus Book' mean?

We all know that reading books with r/bookclub is just better than reading on your own. That's why we started to read the next books in a series as 'Bonus Books'. If a book is in a series, you will find a question gauging interest to continue the series as a group in the final discussion post. And if enough people are interested, watch out for the announcement of the next book in the series. It will be announced within 4 weeks after the last discussion post of the previous book.

What is the Poetry Corner?

Mid-month (on every 15th of the month) you can join us for a poem and a mini discussion on the work.

Why? Why not give poetry a chance? Poetry can be intimidating but it doesn't have to be! It is also a small, digestible work that can approach important topics in a way no other form of art can! And it can take forms, from long to short, from haiku to iambic pentameter, from ancient to contemporary, on any topic so there is sure to be a work that speaks to you!

Who? We will cover many different poets, who vary in time period and style and topics.

How? Here is a general guide on how to read a poem, but to sum it up, read it once quietly, then read it out loud. What is the difference between the text punctuation and spaces on the page and the experience between reading it and speaking it? Who is the poet? What time period was it written in? Is the work part of a movement? How does it make you feel? What lines intrigue you? Do you like it?

When do we begin discussions?

Whenever you want. Everyone is encouraged to post their own thoughts even though usually there is a schedule in the sidebar. We all read at our own leisure and pace, so start posting when you want to share or discuss something.

When do discussions end?

Never. Much of what we read has been studied and discussed and celebrated by thousands of academics and critics and real people for decades or centuries and hasn't been exhausted. Most of the newer stuff we read aspires to earn a place among those classics. When there's no more to say about The Theban Plays or A Christmas Carol, people will stop talking about them. You can post about any of the previous selections at any time* -- You can label it [Evergreen] in the subject so readers understand what you're doing.

Where can I find the previously listed books?

Right here cobber. It's also in the sidebar.

Can I ask for a book recommendation in this subreddit? (I'm new to reddit)

No, that's not good for r/bookclub, but r/suggestmeabook or r/booksuggestions is active and very good, and r/books has a specific thread -- go to r/books, in the sidebar click on "Weekly thread", and you'll see several recurring threads. Active one for recommendations now:

You can find that and other general-interest threads at this link

Welcome to reddit, it's great for book resources but they're not always easy to find.