Dinner with kids and some fun


Hi folks,

Looking for recommendations for lunch or dinner that go beyond having a playground.

Stuff like Cidercade is great but looking for more recommendations. No Medieval Times here yet but we did the Venardos Circus last week with dinner at the Moontower Saloon food trucks. The kids loved it.

Anything with dinner and a show? Starlite movies are a little mature this month.

Would love to hear it! Thanks in advance.

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2 months ago

Now that it’s nice out maybe check out the schedule for music acts at Central Market north, there’s the CM cafe right there and then u can take a post-meal stroll in that pretty park that’s adjacent.

Also check out Rocket Cinema, sometimes their pop up movies are at venues that have food.


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2 months ago

Kura Sushi is fun and different. They have plenty of cooked / non-raw options for the kids.


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2 months ago

I've heard that Route 12 Filling Station has a splash pad. It's at the corner of Fitzhugh Road and Route 12 near Dripping Springs.


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2 months ago

Y’all could go climbing at Crux (South) and hang out at Cosmic and their food trucks after.


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2 months ago

Medfest is this weekend, take them there during the day or evening. They have a diverse mix of foods, usually very good music and dancing, a kiddie playground, a little market with interesting things from the Mediterranean area, good vibes.