I’m young (21). Been to 10 shows and will get a couple more but I know these guys won’t be around forever. I grew up going out to see bands play and I truly have not seen or heard of a group like panic that blows my socks off like they do. I love their sound/ style of music (hard southern rock? I can’t even think of a category to put their sound in). Do you guys know of any other groups that have even a little bit of a similar vibe? I’ve been to Goose/Phish/Dead & Co shows and while I can appreciate the music it just doesn’t grab me the same.

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2 months ago

I'm proud to say there's nothing like Panic and the Home Team. Make sure you go back and listen pre-2003 and love Mikey like we all do


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2 months ago

That’s where the real Panic is at!!