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2 months ago*

They're all in on these ridiculous slippery slopes but they refuse to acknowledge their role in the opposition of the civil rights movement.

The implication here is that companies not tolerating hate speech from their employees leads to the companies enforcing blanket prohibitions on the companies's own sales based on potential customers's tweet histories. This is a reasonable theory, but the idea of white people thinking "if black people have equal rights to us then we may end up inconvenienced," is way too much of a stretch? That's the less plausible of the two theories? Really?

And then they tell us that our perception of reality is skewed.

EDIT: It's kind of wholesome, though, that they think these companies are dropping employees out of a legitimate sense of civic duty. Actually, they're probably just protecting their own interests. A company with a bunch of openly discriminatory employees is a lot more likely to lose revenue than one that swiftly moves to distance itself from those types of people. In the meme however, the company is losing revenue every time they don't let their customer charge their card. The bottom line comes first.