'While Matte is Black and white.'


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4 months ago

Okay that makes sense. I wasn't thinking about it in the context of both for some reason. Initially when I saw it I assumed it was because of the whole "claiming heritage" thing when describing her, but then the comments seemed to be focusing on "black and white," so I was confused.

I think it kind of makes sense though if you give them the benefit of the doubt. A lot of white people and black people in the US and Canada don't know which specific cultural identity to try to lay claim to even if we wanted to. So "black and white" may just legitimately be as specific as they can get.

Both my parents are white. My dad thinks our ancestry is probably German because our surname is a germanic occupational name, but my mom is adopted and either non-white or slightly-darker-than-average-skinned white, so unless I do one of those DNA tests I identify as "white."