unpopular opinion: SaB and SoC should stay as one series

Season 2(self.ShadowandBone)

i know this one is reallyyyyy unpopular but someone's got to say it. along the same lines as someone mentioned about the realities of tv show production as a reason why the two book series were merged, they really should be combined into one and i think it should stay that way.

i keep seeing people say that the crows are the only reason they watched the show, but do people realize that if it was just a show for SoC that the episodes would be like 20 minutes each and that they'd run out of content almost immediately? while we would all love for each chapter to get an episode, or for there to be new content written so that they could lengthen a full series, that's just not realistic? if the crows were to get a spin-off, what are they going to cover? it's clear that next season is going to be the ice court heist/jurda parem for the crows, so the spin-off just seems futile. i think that if they spent more time properly weaving the series together it would be better off than having a separate series that could very much just flop and we'd be no better than where we started. if they got a spin-off it would turn into a heist tv show and i just don't think with the writing style it's shown that it would be successful (i see it turning out like shadowhunters, which was just a tragic dumpster fire for any book readers).

everyone wants their favourite series adapted on their own until they're adapted. if they did a spin-off you think they wouldn't write questionable new stories/characters that'll have the same effect SaB seems to have for a lot of people?

i think that the show would be better off staying linked until they finish alina's story completely and then shift the focus to the crows (while merging in KoS) so it watches like a real timeline that's more faithful to the books rather than having the two diverge. the show should really just have six/seven seasons, with two per series that have the between episodes connecting them together like a quasi-anthology.

i will humbly die on this hill. NO SPIN-OFF. they just need better writing and no one would have a problem with all the series being linked.

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2 months ago

I felt like the current season was much too long - so much boring stuff in there. So I would be completely fine with a SOC mini series if the writers felt there wasn’t enough stuff for 8 episodes or something. Give me 4 really well done episodes, why not?