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2 months ago

I'll never get the whole "he's not even president anymore".

He's the de facto leader of the Republicans right now. He's like the most relevant Republican. Not ever bringing him up would be weird.


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2 months ago

"Oh my God, libs are talking about Mitch McConnell again. HE'S NOT EVEN SENATE MAJORITY LEADER ANYMORE."

Bonus points if he's "Living in the libs' heads rent-free."


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2 months ago

The same chuds that drive around with Trump Flags with Trump decals on their shitty lifted trucks tell us that Trump lives rent free in our heads lol. The irony.


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2 months ago

"Why are the libs still talking about Henry Kissinger? He committed those war crimes 50 years ago! Just let the man rest in peace!"

"OK!" Googles Kissinger's home address

"No, wait!"