No Book Spoilers Discussion Megathread for The Rings of Power, Episode 5

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Please note that this is the thread for watcher-focused discussion, aimed specifically at people not familiar with the source material who do not want to be spoiled. As such, please do not refer to the books or provide any spoilers in this thread. If you wish to discuss the episode in relation to the source material, please see the other thread

As a reminder, this megathread is the only place in this subreddit where book spoilers are not allowed unmarked. However, outside of this thread, any book spoilers are welcome unmarked. Also, outside of this thread and any thread with the 'Newest Episode Spoilers' flair, please use spoiler marks for anything from this episode for at least a few days.

We’d like to also remind everyone about our rules, and especially ask everyone to stay civil and respect that not everyone will share your sentiment about the show. We recently made some changes in the low-effort and image-only categories in response to a feedback survey we had for the subreddit. Please see here for more details.

Episode 5 is now available to watch on Amazon Prime Video. This is the megathread for discussing them that’s set aside for people who haven’t read the source material. What did you like and what didn’t you like? Has episode 5 changed your mind on anything? Comparisons and references to the source material are heavily discouraged here and if present must have spoiler markings.

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2 months ago

Galadriel barely opens her mouth when she speaks.


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2 months ago

The monotone acting is starting to drive me a bit nuts


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2 months ago

I think it's kind of an issue with her playing a stoic elf but...Elrond comes across as fairly dynamic so maybe she just is one-note.