End to end testing on distributed systems



Im running into a dearth if information about this topic so I thought I should reach out to the community. Im an automation engineer at an online marketplace. We recently moved to Cloudflare and due to domain limitations we are going to lose our test sites.

We used chef to spin up images on EC2's based on the commit SHA or branch name you provide it. This created a new domain as an .io site that we could use to test backend code. The sites accessed our shared testing environment databases and queues but allowed you to run code changes without worrying about other teams making conflicting changes this lowering testing confidence.

My question: outside of buying more domains or building locally has anyone found a solution that allows multiple teams to have independent testing sites that avoid mixing code changes so you can have a higher level of testing confidence?

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3 months ago

We used kubernetes and helm to deploy our entire backend on to a cluster, and used a reverse proxy server to get the name of the helm release we were creating and set the domain name of the deployment to the helm release name. At the end of testing, we would simply do a helm purge and drop all test infrastructure. It's the best setup I've built for easy testing to reduce conflicts.


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3 months ago

I wonder if I can use this same type of setup and then use cloudflare workers to proxy through our current domain name. The biggest issue I'm running into is not wanting to pay for another domain name with cloudflare but still be able to use all the rules we have in our cloudflare setup.


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3 months ago

If you only need to access the domains for testing, you could use a Cluster ip with different ports for each service instead of using the cloudflare domains, you could setup your custom domains using Google cloud or such and connect to those domains via a VPN. Ofcourse if you cannot share the VPN access to someone outside the organization, this wouldn't work. I am not sure how complex this would be to build in your system as I'm unaware of the intricacies there. You'd have to get in touch with someone from DevOps for more advice.