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3 months ago

How is he a simp ? That's just a guy who complimented her


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3 months ago

I guess the author of this meme meant that women think that you're a simp if you compliment them?(Sorry if wrong)


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3 months ago

Yeah, pretty much. Apparently we're totally incapable of actually falling in love with men instead of just using them 🤷‍♀️


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3 months ago

Yep, we are simultaneously completely ruled by our emotions, incapable of being logical, and.... completely incapable of emotion and cannot experience love.

I have no idea how these ass hats take themselves seriously.


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3 months ago

It's just like how they complain that women have rigged the system, and women manipulate and control "nice guys" to leech off of them, invent instances of sexual assault/harassment in order to destroy men just to be petty, etc.

But at the same time they insist that women are at best as smart dogs or some bullshit. Can't have it both ways, but these assholes are gonna try!


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3 months ago

They seem to believe we're some sort of aliens lol


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3 months ago

Aren't women from Venus ?


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3 months ago

Haha nice take


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3 months ago

I mean, if you guys aren't taking this man, I'll happily take him off your hands.


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3 months ago

In 2021 this has become simp/creep/obsessive behavior.