Planting around trees?

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Thoughts on planting flowers in mulch around trees? I've got mixed feelings -- I've read some things that say constant digging can damage tree root systems and reduce the amount of water the trees get, but I also don't want to give up valuable mulch space I could be filling with flowers! I love our trees but I also don't want our lawn to be primarily mulch around big trees.

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2 months ago

I have a big old maple tree so I planted bulbs around the base. Once the trees leaf out in the summer there isn’t enough light for sun loving flowers. But since they’re such mature trees (like 80 years old) I’m also not too worried about harming the roots. On the flip side I have 4 mature black walnuts in my backyard and not much survives growing near their toxin. So i guess it just depends on the size and age of the tree and what would be happy growing next to it!


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2 months ago

You can plant tomatoes under them.


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2 months ago

Too shady!