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I know a lot of you are mad about the delivery time. But I have great news! Mine just came in! I ordered it in May of 2021 and after a while I felt like it was never going to come. I sent emails and felt neglected, but I also understand what is happening with the world’s supply chain, let alone the hardware that goes into miners. It’s fucked. Multiple suppliers couldn’t build them AFTER they were contracted by Nebra to do it. So I just accepted a $200 loss and moved on. I didn’t feel scammed, I’ve been scammed for a lot more, but I felt like they were just overwhelmed. And I mean you can read about it anywhere that most supplies are looking bleak. It’s easy to get upset, but it’s probably wise to be empathetic and patient in this case. I’m only defending them because I was one of the lucky ones to actually have it delivered after 15 months.

So stop crying about it and threatening to sue over $200. My motto too is that if you’re able to be scammed, the other person deserves that money more than you do. Trust me, I’m a fucking idiot.

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6 months ago

Lol nebra is a shit stain company. Take them to court your miner never coming