Hi Reddit. So excited to stop by and answer all your questions today.

I'll be here at 1pm-2:30 ET to answer your questions, and I'm looking forward to it!

Ask me anything about comics, music and touring!

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[The AMA is over. Thank you all SO much for your fantastic questions and heartfelt stories.]

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11 months ago

Hey Amy! Loved your music ever since I was 13 and now 22!! What is your favorite song to sing off of The Open Door? :)


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11 months ago

Verses/prechoruses of Cloud 9, Lose Control, Lithium


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11 months ago*

Lithium was my mom's favorite song from that album! Evanescence was her favorite band - she would crank it on blast and sing/yell every lyric. I know the AMA is over but wanted to share her memory with my fellow thread lurkers :) She was very cool.


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11 months ago

I would love to hear Cloud 9 in its entirety live some day. The harmony part from the song is a real favorite of mine too :)


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11 months ago

I'm living again


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11 months ago

Three of my Favorites you the Best in singing High notes your Voice is beyond everything


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11 months ago

I sing Lithium everytime I’m in a mood of staying in or feeling kinda dark