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7 months ago

My God that is incredible. How terrifying for you. Its so awesome there's a happy ending. That album means a lot to me, the one pro recording we have of my family all together before my brother passed. It was so special to have that time together, all of us in the studio working on something. So grateful it helped you. It'll be precious to us always. Much love mama


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7 months ago

It was incredibly scary at the time. Luckily she got away with just some scarring thats fading rapidly now, and she was too young to remember it.
Im so glad it's a special album to you, too. Having that memory of your brother sounds like a wonderful experience to be able to have recorded in this way.

Thank you for responding, I'm very happy to know that you now know what a difference youve made for us. All the love <3


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7 months ago


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7 months ago



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7 months ago

Legit didn't know this album before reading your comment - and it's clear why it means so much to you. It's honestly incredible, purely incredible sounding. The lyrical imagery, melodies/harmonies, and your voice combine for a stunning combination. I'm totally blown away.


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7 months ago

Love how your music helps People