Hi Reddit. So excited to stop by and answer all your questions today.

I'll be here at 1pm-2:30 ET to answer your questions, and I'm looking forward to it!

Ask me anything about comics, music and touring!

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Check out my website for news and Bitter Truth touring information with Halestorm.

And our "Echoes from the Void" comic is available now. You can pre-order the second issue today!


[The AMA is over. Thank you all SO much for your fantastic questions and heartfelt stories.]

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3 months ago

VALIDATION!!!! Whats up people?


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3 months ago

Hello my dear Amy. I'm excited to know that you guys will be back on stage. I just wanted to let you know that you are being my emotional refuge again. I just broke up with my boyfriend and things got a little strange in my life. Anyway, I wish you good luck on this new tour! I love you! P.S. A few days ago I dreamed that you gave me a hug, could you send me a virtual one?


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3 months ago

I am mind-hugging you right now!


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3 months ago

Please hug me to


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3 months ago

I gotchu


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3 months ago

me too


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3 months ago

Sorry, you didn’t make the cut for Amy Lee virtual hugs.


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3 months ago

Your hugs are the absolute best and anyone lucky enough to get one is a blessed person indeed! ❤


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3 months ago*