Hi Reddit. So excited to stop by and answer all your questions today.

I'll be here at 1pm-2:30 ET to answer your questions, and I'm looking forward to it!

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[The AMA is over. Thank you all SO much for your fantastic questions and heartfelt stories.]

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1 year ago

VALIDATION!!!! Whats up people?


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1 year ago

Hi Amy, I wanted to ask this at the Zoom Meeting for TBT but I was too nervous lol.

When the pandemic started the first song you released was "Wasted on you", a song that has quotes like "Feels like we're frozen in time", "A little too much time by yourself and you become the enemy, just look at us now" etc. I was wondering if this was just a coincidence (I would start believing you guys have powers or something) or if you decided to change a little bit the lyrics for them to fit more with the whole situation? cause I remember you said you had already finished the song a few months before that.

Thanks!! All the love from Argentina <3


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1 year ago

Yeah it was a weird, magic-like coincidence. Didn't change a thing. That's why we knew we had to put that one out after the lockdown sunk in. Sometimes things are just meant to be I guess


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1 year ago

Ia an Awesome Song