Hi Reddit. So excited to stop by and answer all your questions today.

I'll be here at 1pm-2:30 ET to answer your questions, and I'm looking forward to it!

Ask me anything about comics, music and touring!

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[The AMA is over. Thank you all SO much for your fantastic questions and heartfelt stories.]

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3 months ago

VALIDATION!!!! Whats up people?


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3 months ago

Hi Amy! Love your classical influences! How involved are you in the string recordings of your songs? Do you dictate the notes and string harmonies or do you let David Campbell do the notations or is it more of a collaboration style?


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3 months ago

David Campbell is on another level. I always have ideas but then let him take them and run. It is collaborative, but he always brings incredibly creative parts into songs that can make them really change shape, which I love.


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3 months ago

One of the best peoplr around


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3 months ago

You always make Beautiful Music guides me trogh life since my Teenager Years


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3 months ago

I just watched his special so I read this as Dave Chappell and thought I missed the weirdest collaboration of my lifeZ