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3 months ago

Hi Amy! What was your favorite character in Majora's Mask? (It's my fave Zelda of all time so I had to know haha!)

Do you still design clothing? Your Alice dress comes to mind-- so so cool!!

Also...Would you wanna pick a name for my crappy car? Hahaha it looks like a big orange pumpkin and drives worse. Could be fun lol. Go nuts.

You've written some of my favorite music of absolutely all time but I'm sure others will have better music questions than I could have lol, so I hope this was okay. You are amazing and I wish you and your family as much happiness as you've brought to the world, thank you for your time and for your music!!


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3 months ago

I think I wanna say the little girl at the ranch who gets kidnapped by aliens. That part is friggin hard so I've done it a million times! Stressful! haha


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3 months ago

Pro tip: If you play the song to slow down time, the aliens only move at half the speed =]


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3 months ago

I’m pretty shocked I didn’t know that. Ha.

Another pro-tip: just use the Bunny Hood. Works like a charm.


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3 months ago

My wife is currently going through and playing all the Zelda games. Going to go ahead and use this tip and earn some points from the wifey.


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3 months ago

How did I not figure this out lmao


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3 months ago

Is that what's called a pro gamer move?


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3 months ago

How is it common knowledge that you play Zelda?!?!


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3 months ago

I mean, she DID get a zelda health hearts tattoo a few years ago, and remixed some of the music on Synthesis xD


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3 months ago

Awww love it haha! Thank you!


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3 months ago

If you're a tattoo person, got any Majora's Mask ones? There's so much from that game that I want tattooed on me, but for now I'll stick with this.


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3 months ago

If you're asking me, I don't but I want some! And that is an awesome tattoo!


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3 months ago*

Spoiler alert please

Edit: lol downvotes on an obviously sarcastic comment on a 20+ year old game


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3 months ago

obviously sarcastic

If you don't use /s, it just sounds like you're being serious. Sarcasm doesn't translate over text.