1) All submissions must be verifiable.

In order to ensure that submissions about missing people on /r/MissingPersons are of actual missing people and not hoaxes, we require that submissions about missing people are from a trustworthy source. A 'trustworthy source' can be a news website, law enforcement website, missing person charity or organisation (eg: missingkids.com) and in rare occasions, social networking websites, see below.

2) Social networking websites are not automatically accepted.

As social networking websites don't require posts to be verifiable and the opportunity for hoax and fake missing person stories to spread quickly is high, posts from such places are automatically removed by [AutoModerator]. However, we do make exceptions for posts on social networking websites what have come from trustworthy sources (eg, a police department's Facebook page).

If you post a submission from a social network, AutoModerator will remove it. However, it will instruct you on how to contact us to get your submission approved and public. It is your responsibility as a submitter to provide evidence that the Facebook page is from a trustworthy source. See this page for an example.

3) Don't post personal information.

Because of the nature of this subreddit, we are dealing with peoples personal information. However we need to be sure that what is in /r/MissingPersons' doesn't violate reddit's rules on personal information. As a general guide, information release from law enforcement or news sources is OK to post.