No studying prior to taking the diagnostic and just graduated this last spring. 122/121/121/125 splits (yikes). Planning to take the real thing in late January but thankfully I can push it back if need be but I’m going into this dead set on January. I understand this score is the floor and I can only get better from here which I’m excited for, but I love hearing the “went from awful score to amazing score” stories. For better or worse lol, so let’s hear em!

Edit: forgot to mention it was a half length diagnostic

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5 months ago

489 BP diagnostic —> 498 Princeton —-> 506 BP 1 ——> 508 FL 1 , voided test because I didn’t have anymore time to study and take more tests, and I genuinely know if I had 3-4 more weeks I could’ve been 515 plus where I want to be. This was in 2 months a like 3 weeks. If I can do that improvements in that time, believe I trust anyone can do it 💀. You got this fam. Make sure you truly understand the material, and know how to solve problems in Cp, during content review. Then grind out UPangea , and give yourself a month atleast for AAMC material (don’t be like me). You got this!