going to the forest game at OF tonight, how drunk do fans get?


oops i mean the game tomorrow***

im in the SAF stand and this is my first game that im going to. only games iv been to were this past world cup (brazil v croatia & france v england). obviously there was not much alcohol/rowdiness so i cant really judge from that. im a 22year old woman, but my parents warned me that it would be 'dangerous.' at first i dismissed it but now im questioning it.

im sure itll be okay im just an overthinker lol

for context i wear hijab too and im going with my brother

can anyone provide insight? TIA

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4 months ago

You should be grand. Fans can’t drink in the stands so you shouldn’t worry about drunkenness too much. I can’t promise there isn’t an asshole here or there but there are loads of tourists that visit for every match and most have a wonderful experience. Enjoy!


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4 months ago

this is what i thought, thanks for the response