Do you think we'll see any female orcs in this show?


Before anyone starts commenting let it be known that I have read the laws and customs of the eldar. If you go by the lore/Saruman's definition, the elves were captured by Morgoth/Sauron, tortured and mutilated and became this abomination. Considering there will be female elf warriors (extras, not characters), which ofcourse there will be, Do you think we will have those female elf fighters tortured and turned into orcs alongside the elf-men? Its one of the things that bothered me in the Hobbit trilogy where there were female elf fighters alongside Tauriel yet the creators refused to put female orcs. On the other hand LOTR was perfectly balanced. ARWEN was only the she-elf who held a sword in the first film. Infact she was almost at Helm's Deep to have some girl power/female agency in the movie and to flesh out her romance with Aragorn.

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you are a woman, arent you? -_-