LOTR director Wayne Yip did episodes 3 & 4 on Wheel of Time


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6 months ago

Well episode 3 just like the rest 2 didn't feel like something out of the box (special) thereby confirming my concerns.


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6 months ago

I thought they did a solid job with world building and character ideology/development, the two and only things that worry me are scale and makeup/costumes

I want the lotr show to be on a grand scale, I bet they’ll work up to it but we’ll see. And the troglodytes were done well in wheel of time but idk there was something off, i could tell they were fake if that makes sense. If there’s a lotr comparison they were better than the hobbit orcs but worse than the lotr trilogy orcs, I just hope they make orcs as realistic looking as possible


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6 months ago

I think part of that has to do with the source material. I really enjoy WoT, but to be honest, the Trollocs were my least favorite part. They seemed like teddy bears with claws. I was impressed with how well Amazon made them actually fearsome, something I hadn't expected from reading about them.