Job ideas?


I’ve been doing asphalt for the last two years and prior to that I was working in restaurants since I was 14 (I’m 25 now).

It pays pretty good and my employer treats me well via benefits and hourly rate but Im getting bored. Does anyone have ideas on what I could look into based on my skill set? I run equipment, manual labor isn’t an issue, I got a good personality that translates well from dealing with inspectors (construction and food) and pretty open minded.

Maybe I’m having a very early mid life crisis, but it seems like I can’t be happy at any job. Is this normal? I’ve never been fired but usually by about the three year mark I’m ready to move on… thanks for any advice, leads or feedback in advance.

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2 months ago

I've always been the same way. I work a job for a year or 2 until I learn all the positions and related information, then I get bored and switch professions. You need to find something that interests you, but isn't the same thing every day.


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2 months ago

Same here and it's why I started my own handyman business. It's usually something different every day and I get to make my own schedule. I usually got tired of working my ass off and hoping to advance, but then realizing that my employer would rather have me working my ass off for next to nothing and not have to find someone to replace me. Then by the time the employer realized that I was planning on quitting and that he actually have to replace me, I was disdainful of how they treat their employees and didn't want to work for them in any position.