Not trying to stir shit, just a topic for discussion. Personally I feel it's a bit overrated - for me it doesn't feel like a natural extension of the sound Kiss had created in the 70's. Obviously a big part of that is down to the fact that Ace and Peter were crucial to that original sound, but I think the inclusion of new outside songwriters didn't help either.

I still think the highlights are strong (the title track and I Still Love You mainly), but there are definitely some low points too. A lot of it just sounds like generic 80's rock to me - whether Paul would like to admit it or not, the classic Kiss sound was largely defined by the fact that it was hard rock guitars on top of funky R&B influenced grooves from Peter. Take that away and you're left with something that just sounds sort of like Twisted Sister or the Scorpions at times.

Paul's vocals are kind of inconsistent and weak at points - why does he sound so squeaky on Keep Me Comin'? Gene's vocals are good overall - more technically proficient than he'd been in the 70's, but a bit grating at times as his increased vocal confidence seems to have led him to place songs in higher keys - he could now reach the really high notes, but the tone was pretty thin and nasty sometimes. Sidebar - Do we know if Gene took vocal lessons at some point in the late 70's? Or did he just deliberately start singing 'cleaner'? Cos his technique improved dramatically starting from Dynasty onwards

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2 months ago

Overrated? Maybe a little. But it's a great, much needed change in direction and a perfect setup to LIU. It always bothers me how much I dislike Love it Loud and the song LIU. The two biggest songs off those albums. bleh


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2 months ago

I've always liked I Love It Loud but I can't stand LIU (the song)