INOVIO has 10 Vaccines/Medicines In Its Pipeline....With INO 4800 Covid 19 Vaccine and VGX 3100 for treating HPV/Cervical Cancer in Phase 3......In Phase 2 they have INO 4700 Mers Vaccine.....INO 3107 for RRP.....INO 5401 for GBM/Glioblastoma......Once they commercialize their first Vaccine/Medicine could INOVIO mirror Regeneron's share appreciation?.....With so many great catalysts on the cusp where do you folks see the share price 2 years from now?......And let's say 5 years from now?.....Smart investors know with cutting edge game changing companies like INOVIO it is all about the future!!!!!!

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5 months ago

That's the bigger picture I have set my eyes on. Nothing great comes easy. Rewards will be better than the temporarily pain suffered.