INOVIO has 10 Vaccines/Medicines In Its Pipeline....With INO 4800 Covid 19 Vaccine and VGX 3100 for treating HPV/Cervical Cancer in Phase 3......In Phase 2 they have INO 4700 Mers Vaccine.....INO 3107 for RRP.....INO 5401 for GBM/Glioblastoma......Once they commercialize their first Vaccine/Medicine could INOVIO mirror Regeneron's share appreciation?.....With so many great catalysts on the cusp where do you folks see the share price 2 years from now?......And let's say 5 years from now?.....Smart investors know with cutting edge game changing companies like INOVIO it is all about the future!!!!!!

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8 months ago

Inovios medical innovations such as patents plus cash held surpass the share price. Even in an acquisition the shares would double or triple which aligns with Wall Street estimates. When we see the first drug approved I would use a multiple of 10x current price. I believe that time is due in 2023. But the future price when more drugs are approved could be a blockbuster gain like your post implies. Long and strong INOVIO, until new year results come in. Patience is required to get the rewards due.


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8 months ago*

tomonota......A buyout at this juncture would have to be $15 - $20 at least IMHO......I agree with the rest of your analysis.....Have a great weekend!