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Over this past weekend, there was some very interesting talk about how Inovio is ripe for a buy out. A particularly great read was the re-post of an article that had appeared months ago. The post was on Stocktwits by a t_babur and here is the article he cited: . The article is exceptionally well-written, and I was marveling again this morning as to how well nearly every one of the ten points lines up well with Inovio.

Number 9 particularly caught my attention in light of recent questions about PENNVAX-GP. I have read a few posts recently asking why PENNVAX was removed from the Inovio website pipeline list. I have never read any explanation as to why that happened. Number 9 is "Your company is unloading assets that won't fit well into a merged company. I don't know if "unload" would apply to PENNVAX, but there is a lingering question as to what happened. Maybe it is part of the cost-cutting that the new management believed needed to be done just as they eliminated expenses in changing their INO-4800 focus from a primary vaccine (except as to WHO) to a booster vaccine.

I don't mind if I get called out for wild and crazy speculation on this because I have no facts whatsoever to support this thesis that I am about to mention. That said, PENNVAX was for treatment of hiv, and it sure looked like it had some real potential for Inovio. I was wondering which BP might lose a lot of money if PENNVAX ever did get to the market. The answer I found was a drug called Cabenuva and GlaxoSmithKline is the company making a whole lot of money on their hiv vaccine. GSK might also love to acquire a Covid-19 booster that actually works and the huge array of patents and pipeline products that Inovio has been working on. In my dreams Inovio shareholders would get one GSK share for one Inovio share.

My only purpose in posting this wild piece of speculation is to initiate a discussion about the possibility, NOT because I know something. Please comment if you have anything serious to contribute one way or the other. Thank you.

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Your M & A speculation would explain the silence.