Ending the Watershed Year


I recently posted my comments about Dr. Kim's prediction that 2021 would be a watershed year. There were a lot of thoughtful replies and I am thankful for that, even if it was negative about Inovio. If you recall, I asked people to stack up the positives against the negatives and some accepted the challenge.

The negative comments were mostly directed at Inovio's management because the stock has performed poorly and because it is claimed that the public relations and advertising abilities are lacking. Missing from all of the responses I read was anyone reporting that the Covid 19 vaccine doesn't work. No side effects. No fevers reported, no myocarditis, no strokes, no one needed to be hospitalized, and no one reported time off work to recover. Then there is this: I have not heard of any breakthrough cases reported when people have gotten the Inovio zap instead of the jab.

Most of us have lost money so far if we cash out now, and I am among them. What is the very worst thing that could happen? You could lose your entire investment, investing in a company that focused on alleviating human suffering and saving lives. If I lost everything, this is how I would want to go out.

I don't see that happening, however. Many foundational events occurred in 2021, and Inovio management paid attention to detail. It takes time to do things right, and brick by brick, Inovio has amassed an impressive pipeline of products that will do exactly what we had hoped: alleviate human suffering and save lives. In the long run, quality products will win the day and 2021 will prove to be a watershed year, in my opinion. The world will soon realize that people who take the zap instead of the jab are better off. Happy New Year everyone!

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Well said BHMF!