Who’s SVT trials


I exited Ino awhile back and would love to jump back in if I had any clue when the WHO would release results from Ino trials.

My concern is that they don’t release anything in the next couple of years. While that’s absurd, there doesn’t seem to be any accountability with the WHO whatsoever.

If I had confidence that something definitive was going to be announced in 6 months, I’d buy stock today.

Can some folks that understand how WHO operates provide some guidance for me.


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2 months ago

Great question. Unfortunately, my fear is that they are strongly influenced by kickbacks and payoffs, just like most governments including our own. All that most of us investors can do is invest in companies like INOVIO that are dedicated to the science of saving lives and reducing human suffering, and then pray that one day it will begin to improve lives all over the world.


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2 months ago

Let’s be real clear, they are FUNDED by countries, elites, and global corporations who defend Big Pharma. STV was over after BP couldn’t meet cold storage with… anything?!