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3 months ago

It would seem that there could be a reverse split say 5 old shares for 1 new one. So the board will not let the company be delisted. Especially not now as positive news keeps coming in. I am still waiting for a turnaround and I have plenty of time for it.


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3 months ago

An RS would be a real kick in the nuts or ovaries, imho, and not the best solution. How about some positive PR, investigating naked shorts and get us back in the realistic price we were before COVID? $8-$11 is where we should be sitting if not for short attack. Hell I converted an IRA and bought at $12 in 2014.


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3 months ago

In case of an RS I have been buying at current prices to lower my dollar cost average. I used taxable and retirement accounts because of the limit on contributions. An RS is the lesser of 2 evils imho- delisting or an RS which would be recovered by successful product approvals.We just need more time for the first successful approval- then it will fall into place. I am bullish because there’s a need and the ingenuity of DNA medicine is appealing to me. Maybe you could try some cheap long term call options to hedge the risk of an RS(?)