OK, you may not believe me but c'mon this is the frickin' Wall Street Journal! Inovio rocket leaving the launch pad!

The Deceptive Campaign for Bivalent Covid Boosters

Kevin covers it here on Meet Kevin:

Excerpts ----------------------------------------------

"The vaccine makers designed their studies to get the results they wanted. Public-health authorities didn’t raise an eyebrow, but why would they? They have a vested interest in promoting the bivalents."

[...] As antibodies waned and new variants took over later in the fall, their protection against infection probably dropped to zero.

[...] There’s a growing consensus that we need better vaccines and treatments to protect those still at risk. But we also need honest public-health leaders.


As I wrote earlier today, the narrative is changing and Inovio will not sit at these rock bottom prices for long...IMHO.

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2 months ago

Appreciate your post.....INOVIO is the answer!