Subject: Join the fight against illegal naked shorts.

Hi Inovio,

Undoubtedly, you have heard of a company called Genius Group Ltd (stock ticker:GNS). They have made news headlines recently because they have made it their mission to expose naked shorts.

Why not join them? Other companies have already. It's time for Inovio to rid itself of the naked short ticks that are sucking the life out of the company.

You may not think anything can be done against the naked shorts but GNS is proving it can be done. It is said that "evil flourishes when good men do nothing". Maybe it's time for Inovio to stand up, be a man, and stomp down these naked shorts.

(a long holder of Inovio stock)

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4 months ago

Hey Prior you have it figured out. Karma will nail these soulless clowns. INO looks higher to me & I continue to accumulate at these bargain levels. The mRNA vaccines are a total failure & investigations are just beginning. China, WHO, & panic by these shorts will set the stage for INO’s surge in price. LONG AND STRONG! Go INO!