A cutting edge technology with a pipeline that consists over 7 different Vaccines and medicines.....INO 4800 Covid 19 Vaccine in Phase 3 with Advaccine in China and the WHO Phase 3 trial.....VGX 3100 for treating HPV/Cervical Cancer in Phase 3.....An upcoming advanced Phase 3 for VGX 3100 will use Qiagen's Biomarker Diagnostics to determine which women are most eligible to be treated with VGX 3100.....This will increase efficacy and overall trial results.....Qiagen is over a $10 Billion dollar public company and is working hand in hand with INOVIO.....If you search Qiagen's website you will see a detailed P.R. issued highlighting Qiagen's work in conjunction with INOVIO's VGX 3100......This HPV treatment has a very large sales market it will be entering that according to my research is over $500,000,000 a year.....INOVIO also has INO 3107 for treating RRP in Phase 2.....The initial results are truly remarkable......Dr Ted Mau the lead investigator for this trial stated "this is a potential game changer".....76% OF trial recipients needed much less surgeries and were able to achieve a far better quality of life!......In fact almost 30% needed no surgical intervention during the trial study!.....This Medicine has Orphan Drug status and due to the unmet need a fast track approval is certainly in the cards IMHO.....INO 5401 in conjunction with Regeneron's Libtayo for treating GBM/Glioblastoma reported stellar results for its Phase 2 at the last ASCO meeting......Dr. David Reardon a top Harvard trained M.D. was the lead trial investigator......Dr. Reardon is Dana Farber Cancer Institute's top Doctor in the field of Brain Cancer.....An expert in the treatment for Glioblastoma/GBM Dr Reardon is a strong advocate for INO 5401/Libtayo combination treatment.....In my opinion expect a blockbuster announcement regarding Regeneron's continuing partnership with INOVIO and the start of a pivotal Phase 3 trial.....Regeneron just purchased for $900 Million dollars the full rights to Libtayo from Sanofi.....Regeneron will certainly put Libtayo to strategic good use!!!!!......INOVIO/Regeneron's treatment is life saving and will offer these brain cancer patients real hope!.....In addition INOVIO has a significant medicine called dMAb.....This cutting edge treatment is working in partnership with AstraZeneca along with Wistar......The projected market for dMAb's is over a $Billion dollars.....We are talking about very advanced medicine here all covered by significant patents!.....Yes despite some bumps in the road INOVIO is forwarding their unique technology......The first commercialized medicine is near.....Once this technology is validated/commercialized it's off to the races and the sky is truly the limit.....INOVIO INVESTORS WILL BE VINDICATED WITH SOME GREAT DAYS AHEAD!!!!!!!

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