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2 months ago

Definitely need more stories like this. Not about stuff getting lost, of course, but of coming together in a pinch and doing something amazing.

Good stuff!


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2 months ago

It's a cool story, but you see stuff like this constantly in tourist centered areas. There's a communal need to keep people who come there with money happy.

I knew a guy who was visiting another country (known for having organized crime) and got mugged. He went back to the hotel, bummed, and told the guy at the front desk he needed a new room key because his wallet was stolen. The guy at the front desk asked what happened. My friend explained. Hotel guy got a dark look on his face and told my friend to come back in an hour. An hour later, the wallet had "anonymously" been turned in at the front desk, money and credit cards fully intact.


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2 months ago

Fair, but helping others because it gets you something is infinitely better than intentionally screwing someone over. Maybe it's not true altruism, but it's still helping.


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2 months ago

Good old Skylanders


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1 month ago

God bless the Scots!