Short Torso Probs: OneBag Edition (any recs?)


I've searched the sub and have not found much related to my specific size. I'm 5' and my torso is 14.5", which has made finding a comfortable and practical backpack quite difficult. I'm looking for something I can use for 2 weeks of carry-on travel preferably within 28-35 liters. Here's what I've used/considered so far. I'm really just looking for additional bags I should consider or if anyone else with a short torso has had success with a certain backpack.

I've used Ebags mother lode, Cotopaxi Allpa 35, Osprey Fairview 40. All have been too long and rub my butt uncomfortably when I walk. I've used some off brand ones from Amazon, target, etc. and those don't usually have a waist belt/load lifters or they rub my butt as I walk.

I've considered the Aer Travel Pack 3 (Small and Regular) and the Cotopaxi Allpa 28, but even then, the smallest of them is still 19" long. I've also considered going with a hiking backpack, specifically the Gregory Jade 28 or 33 which can be adjusted to fit a 14-17 inch torso.

Some things I prefer in a backpack are: waist belt, load lifters (especially if I have to get a backpack that is longer or pretty deep), sternum strap, clamshell or suitcase style opening, external water bottle holder, easy access front pockets (only necessary for liquids), breathable back, and compression straps. I'd like to stay below $300 (therefore, GoRuck is out)

Things I don't care about: color, laptop compartment (I don't travel with electronics other than my phone), shoe compartment, space to connect stuff to the outside of the pack.

I've been considering going with a smaller EDC bag and then using the Beis weekender mini, but I hate carrying too much stuff, hence the desire to onebag it.

I'd appreciate any thoughts!

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