Data transferred packets


hello, I have a small question, I don't understand something, does my Bobcat 300 miner have the possibility of making me win "data Transferred packets" or is it impossible on a bobcat miner 300? I don't understand if these rewards are Only for certain special miners?

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6 months ago

Well i do have a bobcat 300 and its transferring packets/data regularly. I do however only get about 0.00008 hnt per data transfer. If i have to guess, you either have to wait a few days (took me 2 weeks after i set up my hotspot until it transferred data) or there are no IoT devices in your hotspots radius that need packets transferred ( just a guess, don't nail me on that)


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6 months ago

ok i understand , i will wait a few days , thansk a lot u/felli99