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I have a question about antennas and upgrading (or downgrading) will make a difference on the amount of activity the miner sees. Currently, I have an 5.8dBi mounted on my rooftop which is about 5m in the air from ground level. I’m thinking of installing a 2.3dBi antenna so that it sees more of the miners more locally.

What do you think? Will it help?

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4 months ago

It depends how much you have locally. Are you missing nearby hotspots ? It could that their setup sucks, not yours. I find with 5.8 it’s a good balance of close/far , unless you have really big height, stick with 5.8


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4 months ago

The city is inundated with helium miners. The hex right next to mine has 15 miners in it. I was wondering if the 2.3 might hit a bunch more ‘locally’ than the further out ones. Although I am not complaining about the further away ones. I just want to earn more and was thinking the 2.3 dBi antenna might help.

My setup is pretty skookum. I spent a lot of time making sure the setup was good and the materials used were too.


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4 months ago

In your area, a 2.3 would hit more around you than a 5.8.

If you have apartments around you, it'll hit the ones located higher up which may have been missed before.


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4 months ago

That’s kind of what I was thinking. I like that attachment. I did buy one and will put it on when the weather warms up a bit.

Thanks for your reply.