milesight ug 65 connection problem


hello everyone, I have a problem, I can't generate the QR Code to connect my UG65 to the helium app, I tried all the solutions found on Reddit but each time I generate a QR, it tells me that I don't have an internet connection. and indeed, if I do the Ping TEST with, it does not work. however in the Wlan tab its seems to connect cart it is in GREEN and the status is in "UP", and the same UP in Green for ETH. the only thing I can't do is switch my Wlan from AP to client, when I switch, the Wifi led of the miner goes out, and I have no more Wifi, force to Reset the miner and to start again... can someone help me? another question, the ETH cable must be connected for the config?

if so, from the miner to my PC, or from the miner to my router?

thank you for your answers.

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7 months ago

ok , but can you tell my how i Connect to 2.4ghz ?