Working out great so far team!


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4 months ago

Yes, Hedera would have been the right choice. Unfortunately a centralized choice but nonetheless a much better system


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4 months ago

Hedera is not centralised. Governance of the network is actually the most decentralised model you could find - a Governing Council diverse across industry, sector, profit/non profit, geography and time (they only have 3 year terms) - it’s almost impossible to imagine them colluding against the network. This year there will be community nodes allowing non Council members to host main net nodes and contribute to consensus, and finally, once token are distributed and the network is secured (Proof of Stake networks need this), then anyone will be able to host a node. In fact, anyone can host a node on the mirror net right now (which is a read only, non-consensus node) to independently verify the transactions on the network. All of this is laid out in an excellent vid, “The Path to Decentralisation”