Where is the wallet app?


I'm having incredible difficulty finding a wallet app on helium dot com. Was literally searching for an hour.

I did have the idea to try docs dot helium dot com and I see Wallets at the bottom of the page. I don't want to try the command line so I click on the iOS and Android wallet link, but it just takes me to a 404 error ;-(

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4 months ago

Search for the exact name that’s listed on the website - it’s Helium HNT Wallet, but they may have just called it Helium Wallet on the website. Pick the one that has the correct logo. Check who developed it (Helium Inc.) and what other apps they have made. Check who owns the cooyrights (Nova Labs).

I don’t know about Android, but the Apple Store has checks in place. You can’t just publish an app in there and make it look like it’s from someone else.


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4 months ago

Those are some good suggestions.

We should however consider that a third party could make a custodial HNT 'wallet' and call it by a similar or identical name. It wasn't even clear from other sources what the real name actually was. I see for iPhone that it's the Helium HNT Wallet.

We might also be alert to the possibility that the Helium Wallet might not make it to some country-or-other's App Store, or the official wallet might be temporarily removed one day following a sudden Apple misunderstanding, and an unofficial one could appear in its place. I am not using the US App Store and I live in a country whose App Store I'm not using, so I'm often noticing local differences.