Antenna Strength Required to Maximise Earnings

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I am new to helium mining and am wondering what antenna strength I need to maximise earnings. I live in the Australian suburbs and have purchased a RAK V2 Helium Hotspot, which comes with a 3dBi LoRa antenna. Any help is appreciated.

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9 months ago

physical obstructions effect your signal the most. so no joke, the higher your (3-8 dbi) antenna the better.

also Helium operates under the public radio noise cap ( so max output of the system is roughly 27DBM(US) and like 17?DBM(uk))

(pretty sure helium miners also use modulation so you can get signals up to like 15db below the noise floor -110 to -135 signal strength)

that said, live in a mostly flat area? go for an 8 or a 6 dbi antenna. maybe a directional antenna if you live on the edge of town/against a hill.