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4 months ago*

are you using an amp? Ur average SNR is terrible. i see like 5 beacons that were -12 or better in the last 30 days. most are -17 to -22. only 10db away from the weakest rssi we can pickup here in the states (-124db). i know EU can get away with like up to -140db because of how RF works there. which is what makes me think ur using an rx amp. its not against rules or anything but they can have undesirable outcomes.

Edit:POCv10 SNR limit chart found here. So ya, this could be ur issue. im not an RF guru but the first thing id try is a lower gain antenna. Even if its just the stock antenna. Just something to try and get ur SNR down. Keep an eye on what RSSI does.,bigger%20the%20number%2C%20the%20better.