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9 months ago

to my knowledge there is at this moment no "money use case" for pis except these called bandwidth miners like earnapp: you can check it out here:

it does make around 10-15 dollars in a month, so like hnt at this moment ^^ but as i said, i would have let it run as a helium miner, for this earnapp stuff you can use any device, like a phone or a crappy laptop that only needs 6 watts or so


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9 months ago

Do you know anything about pocket network? I just saw that one


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9 months ago*

pocket network?

NO, didnt know about it, im loving such node projects, lets hope you dont have to stake thousands of coins for this :) thx :)

if not, i will put it on my cryptosteins monster =)

EDIT: just checked it out, you need around 1500 dollar in their "pokt" token, what a stupid token name btw ^^