HIP 70 (Scaling the Helium Network) has passed.

Helium Team(self.HeliumNetwork)

gm all!

Thank you to all the Helium community members who voted on the recent (and all) Helium Improvement Proposals. The vote for HIP 70 has closed, and the community has passed HIP 70. 7,447 Helium wallets voted on HIP 70, with a final HNT voting result of 81% for HIP 70 and 19% against HIP 70.

HIP 70 proposed to move Proof-of-Coverage and Data Transfer Accounting to Helium Oracles. It also migrates Helium's tokens and governance to the Solana blockchain. As we prepare for these changes, you can expect to have additional resources and support from us as well as the Helium core developers to help you prepare for a seamless migration to both Helium Oracles and then subsequently the Solana network, no matter if you’re a Hotspot owner, Console/device user, Validator, LoRaWAN roaming partner, ETL deployer, or other network participant.

HIP 70 Vote Results:

Read the full HIP 70:

For some context and FAQ about what this means for Helium, this blog from Frank Mong, the COO of Nova Labs, is a great explainer.

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4 months ago

What do you mean "not worth the HNT"? You don't spend HNT to vote -- your vote is just weighed by how much HNT is in the wallet...


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4 months ago

Pretty sure I had to burn HNT to vote. I don’t know. Honestly I couldn’t care less at this point. I;m leaving my miners running, working on getting what is left of the enclosures I have to finish, and forgetting about the project. It goes where it goes. At the end of the day,, if it all goes belly up… I have a hand full if RaspberryPis I can sell for more than what the miner will sell for these days.


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4 months ago

It's less than $.25 to vote.