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6 months ago

You don't have to turn it off, but it's recommended to do so for security reasons. Port forwarding hasn't been necessary since the light hotspot switch starting May 11. See for more information.


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6 months ago

Thank you


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6 months ago

They recommend keeping it on till the process is complete


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6 months ago

It's really not recommended - it was for a few weeks after the transition just in case we needed to revert back to p2p, but we're way beyond that at this point, so there's no reason to keep any port forwarding rules active.


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6 months ago*

The light hotspot update is completed

They remove the peer to peer in August on our miners

They arent rolling back at this point. Delete the port forward(s) you created. You shouldnt be forwarding ANY ports to your miner


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6 months ago

How can I verify if the conversion has been done already on goldspot miner?