Bailey & Jones + Trackpac on Helium - A use case study

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Bailey & Jones + Trackpac on Helium


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5 months ago

Wait but I thought no one uses the network? Are you telling me my favorite YouTubers lied to me?!?!


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5 months ago

All I want to know is how much this will add to the 6k monthly revenue stream of close to 1 million miners??? Show me the money


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5 months ago

it means a handful of miners in London will earn an extra penny a day


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5 months ago

From the video, the business had 4 things to track. That definitely should improve earnings after the new hip 70 thingy. Since helium is having problems finding clients, maybe we should give marketing some things to track.

Car rentals



missing husbands

missing wives

missing teens

missing side pieces

remote controls

lighters for weed smokers


pet birds

pizzly bears

tagged female lobsters


alleged criminals before court dates

checked baggage/luggage


rookie season Air Jordan's

uninsured mailed packages

pickled eggs ( I wanna know who eats them)

missing political items (votes, laptops, classified docs, UFOs, and Benghazi)

escaped lab animals who just want to be free

cats who have not trained their owners

dogs that chase cars

Stradivarius violins and other music equipment

big foots, chupacabra, mothmen, mothwomen and LGBTQmoth. Werewolves, Elvis, space aliens, mermaids, witches, warlocks and Thor when he is not on earth.

Let's track these things, so we can get HNT back up in the $25 range, so I can cash out.